Embark on an Artistic Portrait Adventure Of self Discovery

Specialising in fine art portraiture and landscape commissions, I also dedicate my work to guiding individuals on a transformative journey of self-expression, healing, and mindfulness through the medium of fine art photography.

So please join me, whether you’re looking for a portrait commission or wanting to go on a voyage of self discovery, step into a realm where each image transcends into a tailored piece of art, meticulously crafted to your vision and desires. With a spectrum ranging from timeless elegance to avant-garde innovation, our collaborative process ensures that your aspirations are mirrored in each stroke of creativity. Imagination is the brush, and together, we can produce portraits that reflect your essence, aspirations, and dreams, bound only by the limitless horizons of creativity. An enriching journey where self-discovery merges seamlessly with the beauty of photography.

Finding me is easy

My small studio is conveniently located near Long Eaton, right on the border of Derby and Nottingham. If you’re traveling by car, the A52 and junction 25 of the M1 are close by, making it a breeze to get here

Your Fine Art Portrait Photoshoot Experience

We’ll meet to plan your session together. You’ll have the chance to visit my studio or choose a location that suits your vision. The duration of portrait sessions depends on you but typically lasts between one and three hours. Feel free to bring a friend along for support. We can arrange a makeup artist for an additional fee if desired, or you can do your own makeup or bring a friend to assist. The important thing is you feel comfortable. We have an extensive wardrobe and accessories collection, and we’re more than ready to infuse fine art fashion into your portraits if that’s your preference. Alternatively, you can bring your favourite outfits. Our portfolio is brimming with inspiration for you to explore.


My priority is ensuring that your photography experience is tailored to provide a secure environment for you to freely play, explore, and express yourself as you wish. While I retain the copyright to any photographs taken during our session, they are unquestionably yours. I commit to never sharing these images with anyone other than you, nor will I use them without your explicit permission.

Book Your Fine Art Portrait Today

You can contact me in a number of ways, either by direct message through our Instagram page @Ray Gumbley Photography or our Facebook Ray Gumbley Photography page or email us at

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