Ray Gumbley, a Fine Art and Portrait Photographer, hails from ‘Back a Back’ Street, a place now well long gone, in Aston, Birmingham. He draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources, including people, dance, haiku poetry, fashion, tattoos, classical and contemporary art, and burlesque culture.

Currently, Ray operates from a modest studio near Long Eaton, situated between Derby and Nottingham. Despite his geographic location, he attracts clients and friends from far beyond Derbyshire, all seeking to have their photographs taken. What truly motivates him is the story behind each person who walks through his studio doors. He strives to create images that bring their dreams to life, ensuring they leave not only with photographs but also as friends, smiling and anticipating their return.

Ray firmly believes that everyone seeks that one image which captures, inspires, and defines them. Together with his clients, he aims to capture, create, and breathe life into these dreams. Through this collaborative effort, he crafts beautiful fine art portraits that will be cherished for generations, standing the test of time.

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