“A professional photographer with a fine art slant”.

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The Magic – Creating Inspiring and Believing in Fine Art Photographs which Transcend Time and Place and can be Treasured for Generations!

First and foremost I’m a portrait photographer with a passion for the arts and fashion and I believe with the passion I have for photography I can capture and bring alive the dreams and the imagination of the people I’m photographing.

If you’re looking for that very special image image that captures a moment in time then please get in touch. Whether you’re looking for a beautifully orchestrated fine art photograph of yourself, a loved one or simply an intimate couples portrait as a keepsake, for me it’s all about the experience and the day itself and making it special for you.  It’s not just words when I say that when you book your sitting the one thing you won’t feel is rushed. I want you to take time and enjoy the experience and in doing so create beautiful fine art portraits which will be treasured for generations and stand the test of time.




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